BZ Grills the Greeks

Today, I tried out a small restaurant called BZ Grill. Only a few blocks away from the N/Q’s Astoria Boulevard, BZ Grill is a small family restaurant known to have the best gyros in New York. Open from 11AM to 11PM, BZ Grill is a great place to eat for both families and individuals.


SVL Bar and the Hot Fries

SVL stands for Souvlaki, so this would be called the Souvlaki Bar. Nicely lit and right next to the Astoria-Boulevard stop on the N/Q train, SVL Bar is a great place for a group of students to hang out after school, or even a family of all ages. This restaurant focuses mainly on Gyros and Souvlaki, but also had a wide variety for burgers, salads, soups, and sides.

Titan Foods

Getting off at a tangent on Greek restaurants, I decided that today I would go to Titan Foods, a Greek supermarket where you can buy anything from Greek ingredients to Greek pastries that are already made. There, you can buy olives as well as Greek candies and pastries.

Artopolis: The Bakery Patisserie

Today, I went to the Artopolis Bakery, between the second to last and last stop on the N/Q train. It can be found in a small Greek shopping center. I would view it as a cute bakery where treats are already made for eating and there are seating areas both in and outside of the store. If you’re looking for a place where to get a quick bite or even a dessert, this is the place.

E Taverna and the Meze

The other day I went to the E Taverna restaurant and tried out the Meze. In Greece, meze is an appetizer that can be served with a drink between meals. It can be served hot or cold, simple or complicated, but either way can still be enjoyed as a small meal to prepare you for the main meal.

Souvlaki Lady and Her Meats

Today, I went to the Souvlaki Lady, which is a food cart that sells souvlaki, gyros, and an assortment of other foods. A couple blocks away from the N/Q train, I was able to enjoy chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, and a beef gyro.

To Laiko and the Pies

Today, I went to a small little nook called To Laiko. Right next to the N/Q train, it is in the right location for those who want something tasty at a cheap price.


Hello. I have created this blog to help people discover new Greek food as well as learn about Greek culture. In my opinion, I believe that Greek food gives a great satisfaction to your taste buds, and so I thought it would be a great idea for those on this blog to get the same…